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Fresh winter vegetables sourced from Apulia

Antonio Bello (Italy)

For over 20 years, we have sourced delicious, sun-ripened vegetables in winter from our supplier Antonio Bello, in Presicce, Southern Apulia. On 23 hectares of arable land, the Bello family grows certified vegetables, such as fennel, leek, parsley, endive, chard, and potatoes.

Antonio Bello’s products are more than just organic. Not only are they proof of a long history, they are also paving the way towards a future that emphasizes the use of seeds produced on one’s own farm instead of hybrid breeding.

Fields of organic peanuts as far as the eye can see

Green Valley (Egypt)

Green Valley is our Egyptian supplier of organic peanuts. The family business, founded in 1986, is a trailblazer in Egyptian organic peanut farming. Located in Southern Egypt, the organic peanut farms produce high-quality and beautiful organic produce.


Delicious clementines from Calabria

Sammarro Massimo (Italy)

We source “Bio da Sybari”-brand clementines from the company Sammarro Massimo. Bio da Sybari stands for especially protected crops of clementines grown in the purely organic farming valley of Sybari. And we don’t value these clementines just because of the unique location. For us, these clementines are the result of the Sammarro family’s long farming traditions combined with the innovative will of young Massimo, who has worked hard to take a sustainable and holistic approach to farming since 2008.

Organic, fair-traded peanuts from the land of the dragon

The Yishui Groundnut Professional Association

There is a long tradition of growing peanuts in the Chinese province of Shandong. For over 300 years, peanuts have been grown in fertile hills in the region otherwise known as the home of the Chinese philosopher Confucius. 40% of Chinese peanut production is carried out in Shandong. It’s thus no coincidence that Naturkost Ernst Weber embarked on a journey in this region to find both particularly delicious peanuts and motivated Chinese organic farmers willing to participate in a peanut project.


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