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Journal entries

2017 – More than 30 employees ...

More than 30 employees now work for and with Naturkost Ernst Weber in the office and cool storage facility. Twelve of them have been with the company for ten years or more. We are not only engaged in long-term partnerships with our business partners: we are working on growing together.

2010 – Fair trade standard for soybeans

We paved the way again as a pioneer: FLO developed a standard for soybeans. Two of our farming projects are the first to be certified with this standard in China. The village farmers already have specific plans for using the Fairtrade premium: to build wells, buy furniture for schools ...

2010 – IFS certifications

IFS Logistics and IFS Broker: We immediately obtained double certification. Our office had a great time celebrating the awarding of the certification! Naturkost Ernst Weber is the first organic firm with the IFS Broker certification. The huge effort put in across all departments over the last six months has paid off.

2009 – Naturland certification in China

Two of our farming projects are the first in China to be awarded a Naturland certification. We worked closely with the farmers and with Naturland to achieve this goal.

2009 – New cold storage warehouse

A toast to our new warehouse with a stand-up reception in December. It was high time for us to finally make the transition from subtenant to warehouse renter. A big step for our company, and an even bigger one for the Fresh Food department. We’re recruiting new warehouse personnel and improving our incoming goods inspection.

2005 – Investments in China

Soybeans and other types of beans are to be cleaned, sorted and packed for export with close proximity to the crops. In the far northeast of China, we are equipping a processing plant with all the equipment required to have only organic raw materials processed there. The containers are then sent to the Port of Dalian by train.

2003 – Peanuts from the land of the Pyramids

We are Germany’s first importer of Egyptian organic peanuts. All our hard research was worth it – the quality can’t be topped. We finally found beautiful, large, white peanuts for our organic wholesalers ...

2001 – Fair tea from China

The first Fairtrade-certified tea from Dazhangshan. We explored new territory and are thankful for the dedication of small Chinese farming operations.

2000 – The birth of the Frozen Food department

We continue to focus on frozen goods and seal the deal with an English chain of supermarkets that wants to pursue a bold project and entirely switch over a large part of their product range to organic food. Yet our team can’t do this alone. And so the Frozen Food department is born. We now trade frozen fruit, vegetables, purees and preserves.

1999 – First experiments with frozen foods

We collaborate with our long-time Italian supplier for fresh fruit and vegetables, “Elios”, to jointly found a company. At first, we wanted to focus on processing tomatoes but shortly thereafter we launched into the Frozen Food sector too. We initially froze cauliflower in Belgium and then in Italy. Organic and frozen food? That all needs to come together first. The organic side really hasn’t shown much interest yet.

1998 – Expansion into the Far East

Ms. Augustat returns to China and visits our farming projects, while I take my first trip to the Land of the Dragon. We visit the organic trade fair in the city of Canton, where it’s important for the Chinese that the CEO appears in person. We are warmly greeted by our partners, get to know the country and its culture better, and enjoy the adventure.

1998 – Soy

In addition to peanuts, the farmers cooperating in our projects have also successfully managed to grow beans, in accordance with the EU organic standard, that will be shipped in autumn. As a substitute for meat, soy could develop into something much bigger one day ...

1997 – Peanuts from China

Two multi-week visits to China with our inspection body, training Chinese farmers on the topic of organic farming, and a crash course in intercultural awareness – and finally the first container of peanuts is on its way to us.

1996 – Certification

We are now an organic-certified importer and wholesaler.

1996 – Relocation

We moved to the fifth floor of the Altes Kontorhaus: just across the street, but with one more room. One room for me, one room for Purchasing, and one room for Accounting. Hard to believe, but yes, the company actually employs an accountant – even if only part-time.

1995 – A clear clientele

We work in tandem, 12 to 14 hours a day and on weekends too. Our clientele consists of organic wholesalers such as Bodan, Weiling, Naturkost Elkershausen, Terra Naturkost, etc.

1994 – My first colleague

I’m finally getting some support around the office. A new employee will join us in the Neues Kontorhaus in August. Liz Augustat started working for us this week. Only since she turned up have I noticed the mess all around me: paper, paper, paper – piling up everywhere.

1993 – Munich

I moved from Pforzheim to Munich. Goods are now handled at Papp’s wholesale trading market, which is where my pallets are rented; this is also where order picking is done on my behalf.
I came round to the idea of moving more or less spontaneously over the last six weeks.

1990 – The early days

In Kehl, I anxiously await MY first-ever truckload of organic fruit and vegetables shipped from Sicily. Upon unloading the shipment, however, I’m shocked to discover that the delivery was indeed sorted, but true to “il modo Italiano”. I take all the pallets apart and re-sort them, right into the afternoon. But at least one thing’s for sure: when it comes to quality, my supplier Mr. Orto Sicula is on top of his game. All the goods are excellent.

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